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What is Telematics

Telematics is the technology that is taking the freight industry by storm. It is the amalgamation of Telecommunications and Informatics and hence gets its name. The technology is aimed at providing all information regarding a vehicle, stationary or on the move, and transmitting this information via a network to a user located remotely by utilizing telecommunications. The tracking device that employs Telematics is also known as a “Black Box” device.

Parts of Telematics Device :

A Telematics device has several entities that help in its efficient functioning. These include GPS receiver, Data, Sensor, SIM Card or cellular network and a server. The working of these entities is as follows:

GPS Receiver:
The telematics device utilizes GPS to obtain location signals of the vehicle it is installed in.

The most important aspect of a Telematics device is the data. This data is gathered from the vehicle via the Telematics device that is either plugged into the OBD port or is embedded in the dashboard of the vehicle.

SIM card or Cellular Network:
The data that is collected from the vehicle is transmitted to a server. This transmission is made possible with the help of a cellular network. However, this transfer of data occurs only when there is network coverage.

The function of the server is to collect and process the data that is delivered to it by the cellular network. It converts the raw data into reports for the user to analyse.

Sensors of different kinds are used within a vehicle. In case of a Telematics device, these sensors are in the form of an accelerometer. The task of these sensors is to judge the acceleration, braking and turning patterns of the vehicle.

Working of Telematics Device

The working of a Telematics device is as follows:
The device is installed in the vehicle. The SIM card embedded within the “black box” then initiates communication between the device and the server. The data that is procured by the Telematics device is then sent to the data center in the form of an encrypted packet. Once it reaches the server, it is then decoded and relevant information is extracted from it. This information is transformed into reports in user viewable format by the reporting tools and the computer mapping software. And hence, the user receives a detailed report about all aspects of their vehicle on a customized dashboard.

How does a Telematics device work?

A Telematics device has a multitude of benefits under its umbrella. It can help you in knowing the exact location of your vehicle. This is important in term of vehicle recovery in case of theft, shipment tracking and consignment delivery.
Moreover, it can provide you with a number of reports on your vehicle’s health, so you can get to know the engine condition, fuel consumption rates, idling time, hard braking, unnecessary acceleration and upcoming vehicle maintenance appointments and needs.
It also provides the benefit of remote locking/unlocking and ignition on/off facility to you, even when your vehicle is in transit without you. The emergency SOS button is an additional feature that enhances the safety of your vehicle and yourself

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